Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Collision Course With God

"Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven" -Matthew 5:3

Today my wife's aunt will be returning from her vacation in Ireland. She checked in by phone after Easter Sunday to see what was happening. I told her not much except for the biggest earthquake to hit our area in decades and the rattlesnake that I almost stepped on while hiking. Each time she has been in Ireland something big has happened. She was away when both wildfires forced us to evacuate and this time she missed the 7.2 earthquake.

We are not sure if her plane will be able to depart from Ireland today because something big happened that she could not avoid while on vacation. This volcano that erupted in Iceland has disrupted air travel all over Europe. Everyone in Ireland is talking about the possibility of an even greater eruption from the twin volcano that seems to explode in tandem.

My wife's aunt has been fortunate to miss so many disasters in our community. It doesn't seem to matter where we live, Mother Nature is very active these days. These events cause some to think about the predictions in the Bible regarding the end times. Others wonder if God is trying to get our attention.

My belief is that God is always trying to get our attention. Sometimes, it is blatantly obvious, like the time God blinded Saul and stopped him in his tracks. God spoke directly to Saul and asked him, "why do you kill my people?"

Other times, it may be a tsunami, an earthquake, a volcano, or hurricane that gets our attention. These big events force us to seek refuge. Car accidents can be life-changing. So can news of cancer or a tumor. Maybe these events are God's way of seeking us, even when we are not seeking Him.

All of us are on a collision course with God. Some of us will see Him one at a time. The rest of us will see Him when He makes his final appearance. His sheep will hear His voice and they will follow Him...Today is a good day to have a "collision" with Him. You can wait for a disaster before seeking Him or you can find Him with a simple prayer. Give prayer a try...

(photo credit: REUTERS/Lucas Jackson)

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