Sunday, April 25, 2010


Acronyms help us to remember things. F.W.A.R. stands for "false world appearing real". In my cave days when evil had its grip on me, the real world appeared as a fantasy and the false world was my reality.

My false sense of reality was based on my limited understanding of God and my own self. I thought that when you prayed, there were only two answers...yes and no. The third answer, not yet, was beyond my level of awareness. The evil forces in the world did not want me to think God would respond to my pleas for help. God was always there, even when I thought He was just saying no to my prayers.

God does not interfere in the free will of others. There are serious consequences for rejecting God, but we have the free will to just walk away. When God says "not yet", He is doing this for our own good. We need to learn from our trials in order to discover who we really are and who God is.

The world we reside in is not our final destination. It is filled with hatred, prejudice, unforgiveness and false hope. People are judged by the size of their bank accounts. Hollywood wants us to believe that it is normal to come from a broken family or that marriage should only last as long as it feels good. Our heroes are caught cheating and many of us start believing that it is OK since everyone else does it.

Common sense dictates that you can judge a tree by the fruit that it produces. A tree that is well-fertilized, watered and cared for will produce good fruit. If a tree produces fruit that is unhealthy, it should be up-rooted. Hollywood has been selling our world bad fruit. We need to take a close look at what we are eating and make some changes in our diet.

If God is not answering your prayers, just remember that if you keep eating the good fruit and you avoid the bad fruit, eventually you will find what you are truly seeking, even if it is not in the false world that is being heavily influenced by evil. Here is a video clip from a songwriter who is producing some good fruit for all of us to eat...

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