Tuesday, May 15, 2018

It Begins with a Decision

Ever wonder how others get things done?  They breeze through their to do lists effortlessly while you struggle to find a starting point.  I've been there.  Stuck in the mud.  Weighed down by heavy workloads.  One step forward, then two backward.  I know what's missing.  It's the decision to pursue your purpose.  Decide you will discover the meaning of your life and that's when everything falls into place.  Heaven and earth will work with you to accomplish all the Creator has planned for you.  Everything else is meaningless clutter.

Perhaps you're thinking, how do I find my purpose?  I have a great idea – ask your Creator to reveal it to you.  Yep.  It's that simple.  God wants you to be aware of the master plan for your life.  It's not only the plan but the timing.  Everything you need to be successful is in place – the people, the challenges and the assignments.  Your obstacles are also part of the plan.  That's where the timing comes into play.  Arrive too soon and you won't meet the people you need to meet.  Take everything in stride.  Be patient.  Trust your instincts.  Once you decide you will discover your purpose your journey becomes meaningful and you will get things done.  Have a great day.

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