Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Please Welcome Joni From My Day Job to CMN

I don't share much from my day job here on this blog because I'm not an authorized speaker from the company and they prefer to lay low when it comes to social media.  What I can share is how well the Caveman Food Experiment/Challenge has been embraced by my peers.  My co-worker, Joni, is the person I can count on in any situation.  She invited me to attend a Pampered Chef evening at her home sponsored by Terry, her husband of 30 years, to add some really nifty kitchen tools to my caveman kitchen.  She also gave me some of her best recipes that will be featured in the book.

Thank you, Joni, for your encouragement and support.  And thank you, Terry, for helping me with my kitchen gadgets.  You are both honorary members of the Caveman Miracle Network.  Have a great day.

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