Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Karen Harbin-Januzik and Husband, Brian Join CMN

I would like to thank Karen and her husband, Brian, for a fun evening they shared with my wife and me across the street from SHS on our last visit to Phoenix.  Karen and I were high school classmates who pursued marketing careers after graduation.  The most important take-away for me during our time together was this idea Karen shared that praying circles around your biggest dreams can actually help unleash them.

There's a reason my caveman network contains the word miracle in the name – it's a miracle how God brings the right people into my life at the right time to get His work done.  I can't do this alone.  Karen and Brian gave me a shot in the arm to inspire me to finish this book on time against all odds.  Thank you both for spending time with us.  You're part of the circle.  I think it's really cool you were married on the day "Pi Day" – 3.14.15.  Welcome to CMN.  Have a great day.

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