Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Please Welcome Dr. Jim Miller to CMN

Watching the Suns with Dr. Jim Miller
He knew I was going to be an influence in the crowded room gathered together on St. Patrick's Day, 1987.  Maybe it was the green hat and green suspenders I was wearing.  Laurel, my friend from my day job, was also decked out in full St. Patrick's Day attire.  Jim didn't fully understand at the time how important this day is to me.  He demonstrated by his own example, "you don't take the Dale Carnegie Course, you live the course."  Winning friends and influencing people is his specialty.  When I moved to Southern California, Jim was my first visitor to our new home.  He renamed our place at the top of Tesoro Way, Mulligan Mountain.

Jim knew I was going to be an influence in the room where he was introducing fifty new students to the Dale Carnegie Course thirty years ago, but I didn't discover until about half-way through the course how much my life would change because of his influence.  My future wife was in attendance on graduation night when Dr. Jim Miller led the closing ceremonies.  I still wear my green hat and green suspenders on St. Patrick's Day.  So does our daughter, born twenty-four years ago on St. Patrick's Day.  She just celebrated her special day in Ireland.  I can't wait to tell my friend, Jim, what they were wearing.  Thanks, Jim, for three decades of friendship and mentoring.  You are now officially an honorary member of the Children's Miracle Network.  Have a great day.

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