Saturday, April 29, 2017

Cousin Mark Mulligan, CMN Honoree

My cousin, Mark Mulligan, is a singer, songwriter and author of "The Three Miracles."  You can click here to order his book on Amazon or visit him the next time he's in your town for a concert.  Mark was the first person to visit after my relocation to the Midwest five years ago and I've had the pleasure of seeing his live show twice.  He says I inspired him to write his first book but I believe it's the other way around.  Mark has been in front of the public for many years and he really enjoys giving back.  He claims he deported himself to Mexico 24 years ago.  He's the father of 4 and released 13 albums while soaking up sunshine in his Sea of Cortez home.  His book is a must read.  Thanks, Mark, for all you do north and south of the border and for being a part of the Caveman Miracle Network.  Have a great day.

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