Saturday, April 8, 2017

Please Welcome Chris Mabry to CMN

There's an idea floating around that all of us are connected by six degrees of separation.  I learned recently that Chris and my cousin, Dr. John Mulligan, the creator of the Caveman Food Experiment, were good buddies in Kindergarten.  You will be able to read more about Chris's food journey in my book on May 1.  When I asked him what motivated him to be so diligent with his adherence to going "Caveman," he said, "I can do anything for 45 days."  I look up to Chris.  Not only did he kill it in the challenge, but he also beat cancer.  Chris sent me weekly updates about his progress during the experiment he started in January and extended all the way to St. Patrick's Day, his wedding day.   You won't want to miss what Chris has to say about his results.  I would like to thank him for reuniting me with some elementary school classmates he gathered together while I was in town a couple of months ago.  Have a great day.

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