Thursday, February 9, 2017

I'll Be Back

I may be able to pack one week's worth of clothes into one carry-on bag I share with Mrs. Caveman, but the one thing I can't do is see all my friends and family in seven short days.  That's the challenging part of coming from a large family.  Earlier in the week, my wife shared how she felt guilty sitting in Mama Bear's back patio doing nothing.  "This a part of our vacation," I said.  That brief moment was the only time we weren't doing "something."  Nothing is good for the soul.  I'm thankful for the "nothing" and I'm also thankful for all the "somethings."  For those of you I didn't get to see on this trip, I promise to return.

It's time to go back to my cave and get through the final trimester of my next writing project.  There won't be any time in these final months to do "nothing."  That will be postponed until the next adventure. Please put May 1 on your calendar and make sure to check in for something special. Have a great day.  I'll be back.

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