Thursday, February 23, 2017

Anxiety Check

My blood pressure always goes up when I'm visiting my doctor.  I know why.  It's that scary feeling he's going to find something wrong with me.  I should know better.  I'm eating right, sleeping right and exercising right.  That doesn't matter.  Anxiety is something you can never fully control.  I do something to minimize anxiety.  It's called visualization.  The idea is to imagine a future scenario in your mind with your eyes closed.  Perhaps it's an exam in school or a meeting with the boss.  Pay attention to all the details.  The more vivid your mental picture, the easier it is to prepare yourself for the event.  Make a list of all the test questions you see in your mental picture or all the things your boss may say to you.  Preparedness trumps anxiety.  Give it a try.  Have a great day.

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