Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Fireside Chat

Sometimes the stars are in alignment.  It was one of those days just 48 hours ago.  I reached into my pocket and captured the sun setting on a picture-perfect day at Fireside Winery near our Iowa home.  The local grapes aren't all that thrive in our home state.  It's also the place where dreams are cultivated, even for those like me who are now in the third quarter of their lives.  Some may say, "give up, don't you see the sun setting?"

My wife never gave up on me.  Others suspected that someone like me who was raised in the Valley of the Sun might not adapt to life in the Midwest.  It's been five years since my transplant from the West Coast and I'm feeling better than ever.  Iowa is the perfect place for a writer to grow grapes and harvest bumper crops.  This is my field of dreams.  I'm looking forward to sharing my 2017 vintage on May 1.  We can have a fireside chat.  I hope you like the flavor.  Have a great day.

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