Saturday, February 11, 2017

Help Others and You Help Yourself

Zig Ziglar said, "you can have everything in life you want if you will just help other people get what they want."  I believe him.  Why?  Because it happened to me.  I really do have everything in life I want.  One of my best memories of helping someone else get what they want comes from a time period where my entire community was in danger of incinerating.  I truly believed my home was gone when my brother-in-law and I snuck back into our neighborhood and we saw the black smoke rising up from the point where my home was supposed to be.  All I could make out was some warped steel pillars that once supported my next door neighbors home.  It was a tragic day and yet a moment when strangers came together to help one another.

Patrick, a federal fire fighter who got separated from his crew during the chaos, immediately went to work recruiting a small team of volunteers to support his team-mates with food and water on the front lines of the worst California wildfire in history.  These people were working non-stop to save our homes and refused to come off the mountains to get food and rest.  I will never forget the female firefighter who made a request that took a full day to fulfill.  "I really need peanut butter," she said.  Our team rushed back to reload our trucks with everything these brave people needed, including one jar of peanut butter donated by one of the store managers who opened up his store to support the firefighters in their time of need.  By the end of the day we found her.  She looked like she won the lottery when she saw the peanut butter.  I felt so good inside.  Nothing else mattered.   My life was forever changed because I learned when you help others get what they want you help yourself as well and your life is never the same.  Try it.  Help others get what they want.  Have a great day.

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