Wednesday, February 15, 2017

3 Danger Signs of Poor Food Choices

Food danger signs are like road hazard signs warning of trouble ahead.  I was driving too fast to notice the red flags or make a pit stop for a physical.  The quickest way to spot danger is to look at your waist.  That bulge in the middle is where most of the wrong foods are stored because the body doesn't know what to do.  Fruits, veggies, nuts, beans and seeds never show up around your waist because they are easily converted into energy.

Your lipid panel readings serve as road signs.  Are they telling you danger is ahead or that you're going in the right direction?  Request this test when you schedule your next physical.  Poor food choices influence your good and bad cholesterol.  If your readings are in the danger zone,  don't fret.  You have time to make corrections.

The road sign that got my attention was my blood pressure reading.  In my opinion, many people ignore this road sign because they falsely believe their prescription pills will solve the problem and keep them out of trouble.  These pills should not be considered permission slips to keep eating foods that may eventually play a role in diabetes, cancer, heart attacks, or strokes.  Please pay attention to all the danger signs and use caution when your body flashes a red or yellow light on your dashboard.  Have a great day.

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