Sunday, February 19, 2017

Financial Stress Busters

High credit card debt is like mountain climbing when you're afraid of heights.  If you're seeking serenity, it's hard to find when your debt is overwhelming you.  Here are three financial stress busters to help you from falling over a cliff:

  1. Write everything down.  Track every penny of your spending for 30 days.  You're searching for leaks in your financial bucket.  Daily tracking will help you increase your awareness about where your money goes.  Plug the leaks and your financial bucket will increase.
  2. Use cash envelopes for your purchases.  I really like this one.  No money in the envelopes means no more spending until you replenish your funds.
  3. Make a plan.  Add target dates to your dream purchases and make sure you don't ever borrow money in advance.  If you come up short on your savings, defer the dream until you have all the funds you need to pay cash.
The only mountain climbing I do now is on nature hikes.  My wife and I are using one credit card provided the funds are already in the bank so we can immediately make a payment for the full amount when the bill arrives.  Our promise to each other is to stop using the card the day we have to pay interest.  We are now rewarded with an annual rewards check and there is no annual fee attached.  The funds will be placed in an envelope marked "entertainment."  Life doesn't get any better.  Have a great day.

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