Monday, February 13, 2017


I didn't think I'd be watching the Super Bowl this year but I caught a glimpse of something really special while visiting family members during the game.  Coincidentally, I also caught a glimpse of Tom Brady's secret diet playbook.  He claims he's in better shape at age 39 than when he was 25.  I don't think a pro quarterback his age has ever achieved what he's done in his career.  I hope I can manage the 4th quarter of my life the same way he managed his 4th quarter comeback on Super Bowl Sunday.  What a thriller.  Brady's opponents may be plotting to steal his food playback.  If they do, they'll be seeing green – spinach, celery, avocado and more.  That's Tom's daughter in the photo above drinking her dad's top secret weapon for staying on top of the competition for seventeen years.

It's rare when famous people allow you to catch a glimpse of their private lives.  I'm thankful Tom Brady shared his secrets for healthy living, including going to bed by 9 pm so he can get eight hours of sleep.  The Caveman Food Experiment is surprisingly similar to the Brady Diet, although I'm a big fan of tomatoes, peppers and mushrooms – not in Tom's playbook.  You can catch of a glimpse of the 45-day Caveman Food Experiment that changed my life on May 1.  Unlike famous athletes who prefer who live under the radar, my life is an open book and I'm happy to share what I'm learning to maximize my health and wellness.  Please bookmark this blog and come back on Labor Day (Mexico celebrates Labor Day on May 1) for my next release.  It's created to change lives, one chapter at a time.  Have a great day.

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