Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Solitude of the Midwest Mornings

The blue jay adds a peculiar squawk to nature's songs, similar to a sharp note in a song using only the white notes.

There is something special about the surroundings in my new home state of Iowa, especially in the morning at sunrise.  Each bird species sings their own melody.  One calls out, others respond.  When all the different birds sing simultaneously, a symphony resonates.  A blue jay regularly visits my back patio and adds an exclamation point to nature's sheet music.  The birds begin every morning on cue at 5:00 AM, announcing my wake-up time.  The wind rustles through the trees in my back yard, providing a soothing backup harmony.  No coffee is needed.  I'm already wide awake and ready to start my day in solitude.

Do you get an opportunity to connect with nature at any point during your day?  Please share how you find solitude in your life.  Is it something you schedule or something you discover each day?  Thank you for sharing.

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