Saturday, June 23, 2012

Jesus Wept

Jesus wept. ~ John 11:35

I know exactly how Jesus felt as He wept over the death of His friend, Lazarus.  Yesterday, my boss pulled us aside and shared sad news about the death of Ryan K. Johnson, a fellow employee who was one of the first fifty employees hired at our new warehouse in Coralville.  His girlfriend is in critical condition.  The two were riding a motorcycle and were struck head on when an SUV turned directly into their path on Wednesday night.

Ryan K. Johnson
Ryan was the spark plug on our marketing team.  His youthful energy was contagious.  During an on-site presentation for a local hospital, our team was overwhelmed with new members wanting to sign up.  I called for re-enforcements.  Ryan and his team-mates answered the call.  I watched in awe as he wowed the large crowd with his passion for our new employer.  His presentation was flawless.  We lost one of our best advocates.  It's so rare to get an opportunity to work with someone as passionate as Ryan.  Please join me in prayer for his family, friends and fellow employees who are grieving his loss.   Please pray for his girlfriend to make a full recovery.

Rest in peace, my friend.  I will never forget you.  Thanks for being such a great friend.

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