Friday, June 22, 2012

Attitude Check

Have you checked your attitude lately?  It doesn't matter how young or old you are, the profession you are in, or your marital status.  Everyone has an attitude.  I believe it's easy to have a good attitude when there are no hiccups.  The challenge is maintaining it when you experience a downturn, like a job loss, a health issue, or breakdown in a relationship.  Here are some ideas to consider when surveying your attitude status:

  1. Do other people like being around you?
  2. Can you put on a smile no matter what difficult circumstance you face?
  3. What can you add to your routine that brings you joy?
  4. Do you make time each day to pursue your passion?
  5. Do you spend time with positive people who have the kind of attitude you desire?
Please don't wait every 3,000 miles to check your attitude.  Measure it daily.  If you catch yourself copping a bad attitude, snap out of it.  Your bad attitude will bring down your entire family, your office, and your circle of friends.  Your good attitude will lift up others who you meet throughout the day.  Care to comment?

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