Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Behind Door #1

Ever wonder what's behind door #1 -- the door you're afraid to open?  Why are you so afraid to open it and look around?  Is it because you have a feeling your life will never be the same?  When I was a kid I enjoyed watching "Let's Make a Deal."  Audience members dressed up in crazy outfits hoping to get a shot at some great prizes.  Monty Hall always let the contestants choose between several doors.  Some got stuck with a goat while others drove home in a new car.  Life is about making choices.  Here's some lessons I learned about choices:

  1. There is no reward for those afraid of risk.
  2. It's better to choose a door than to sit in the audience.
  3. The more you stand out in the crowd, the more opportunities you will get to advance.
  4. It's better to pick the wrong door than to pick nothing.
  5. Even if you pick the wrong door, you will learn from your choice and make better choices the next time.
What will your choice be today?  Are you ready for what's behind door #1?  Jesus says do not be afraid.  He knew what was behind door #1 and He still decided to open it anyway.  His Crucifixion and death on the Cross was ugly.  The Good News is that He picked door #1 so you could follow Him and have new life.  I chose door #1 a long time ago.  It was the best choice I ever made.  I hope you give it a try.  Today is a great day to see what's waiting for you.  Go ahead.  Open it.  Let me know what you discover.  Your comments are welcome.

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