Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Father's Day Prayer

I'd like to give a big shout out to all the dad's today on Father's Day.  My three children will treat me like a king today and my wife will pamper me.  I have been blessed beyond measure.  Fatherhood is amazing.  Yes, I'm missing my dad today.  I know where he is and some day when my work here is done I will be joining him for eternity.  In honor of my dad and all who are fathers, I would like to dedicate a personal prayer:

Gracious and loving Father,

Thank you for sending Helen to me.  Each time I look into my children's eyes, I see a reflection of her.  I cherish each day you give me to be with my precious wife and children.  What a gift you have given me -- to be the temporary custodian of Ryan, Nicole and Shane.  Thanks also for the parents you delivered me to over a half-century ago.  My time with my dad was limited, however, he always did his best to teach me about you and your Son, Jesus.  My siblings and I miss him so much.

Father, I ask you to comfort all the dads today who are missing their earthly fathers.  I also ask you help those who have broken relationships with their dads.  Help them to learn the value of letting go of a troubled past.  Inspire them to extend the olive branch and forgive their fathers if they are holding grudges.

Father, there are so many who are without fathers or who never knew their dads.  Please help these people to see you in other father figures.  Help them to be a reflection of you even if their own dads did not live up to their expectations.

Father, I ask you to hear the prayers of every dad today and every day.  Thanks again for trusting me with the three children you sent me.  If you could somehow let them see a little glimpse of you every time they look at me, then I know they will always be okay.  They know I'm not perfect and I know it, too.  Please use my imperfections to help them seek you. 

Thank you, Father, for hearing these prayers.  Please bless all the fathers today and help them to know you.  I ask this in the name of your most precious Son, Jesus Christ.  Amen

Would you like to add a comment today about your father?  You are invited to add your thoughts below.  Happy Father's Day!

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