Saturday, June 2, 2012

God Gave Me An Eight Pound Lemon

What do you do when God gives you an eight pound lemon?  Do you cry?  Do you try to ignore it and pretend it's not there?  Or do you figure out a way to make lemonade?  I know people all over the world who are searching for answers.  This is my eight pound lemonade story...

At the beginning of last month, my daughter sent me a distressful text from the airport.  The ticket agent at the counter scolded her for exceeding the weight limit by eight pounds.  Her debit card only had enough money to pay the sixty dollar fee for two suitcases.  The airline hit her with a one hundred dollar penalty, she was overdrawn and her trip to Iowa was quickly becoming a red-eye flight.  Since this was her first time traveling alone and she was on limited sleep, she didn't know what to do.  The agent rushed her through check-in and didn't offer any alternatives, such as moving the eight pounds of excess weight into her second suitcase, or just removing eight pounds of stuff and discarding it.  Instead, he put her into crisis mode and she was completely helpless.

The following day I reached out to the airlines.  They didn't budge and told me I was stuck with the penalty charge for the eight pound lemon.  My daughter's bank was more understanding.  Unfortunately, their closest branch to make a deposit was one hundred miles away from our new Iowa home.  The next morning I drove to Moline, Illinois and deposited enough money to cover the shortage.  On the way back, I stopped by to inquire about a marketing position at the newest employer moving in to Coralville in the the Iowa City area.  I met Alicia, an enthusiastic employee who shared how excited she was to be part of opening a new store.  She encouraged me to apply immediately.

The next morning, I got a phone call.  Suddenly, the eight pound lemon was becoming the best lemonade  I've ever tasted.  I'm part of the launch team now, thanks to meeting Alicia on my way home from my two hundred mile round trip to my daughter's bank to resolve the lemon in my life.  In the last thirty days, I've met the mayor of Coralville, the fire chief, and a few hundred business owners and employees who are excited about my new employer.  This lemonade is Heavenly.  I will be drinking this lemonade for the rest of my life, thanking God everyday for the eight pound lemon he gave me less than thirty days ago.  That's my lemonade story.  What's yours?  Please share your story below.

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