Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Father's Final Act of Faith

My dad was a giant.  He exuded an aura that could light up the darkest room.  My memoir, "God's Black Sheep Squadron," is about how he spent his last thirty-five days with us.  Many times during his life, he felt he didn't measure up.  He called himself the black sheep of his family.  Funny how God uses those black sheep for His purposes.  I learned so much about faith in those last precious days I had with him.

When a person's days are numbered, pay close attention to everything they say and do.  They are focused.  They have bucket lists they must complete.  I'm happy our family was part of my dad's bucket list.  He came home to mend fences.  Then he went home to be with Jesus. 

Non-believers have trouble understanding faith.  They want facts.  They want proof that Jesus is not only human but Divine.  They search for the truth.  My dad found the truth.  His faith journey was mostly kept private.  In his final days he could no longer keep his faith to himself.  I will never forget the day he asked me to return the bible left behind during his last conversation with our pastor.  "Please return this Bible right away, son.  The keys to the gates of Heaven are in here.  It's a very important book."

I will be celebrating Father's Day tomorrow with all three of my children.  And during the day I will spend time reading my Bible.  I will remember my dad's final act of faith.  He knew where he was going once his bucket list was complete.  So do I.  Thanks, dad, for sharing your faith.

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