Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Top 3 Priorities

If you are having trouble with your priorities in life, make sure your top three are in the proper order. When God is your #1 priority and in first position, everything else has a way of falling into place. Priority #2 is family. Many of us put work in this spot and it makes family life difficult. Work is important but we work to provide for our families and when there is a conflict, family must come first.

Our bodies and our minds need rest in order to function properly. Putting God at the first position means setting aside time to pray. Prayer is quiet time. We slow down our breathing and meditate. When we are too busy burning the candle at both ends, we tend to burn ourselves out. Even God took a day off when He created the universe. Make sure you give yourself a day of rest once a week to recharge.

It is really easy to forget the proper order for your priorities. Arrange a family meeting and ask each member to rank their priorities and then review them together. If family is not above work, figure out how you can change that and still pay the bills. You will find a new sense of balance in your life when your priorities are in the right order. This is still a daily challenge for me but I find that my day is easier to handle when God is number 1, family is number 2 and work is number 3. Give it a try and see how this works in your life.

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