Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Last-Minute Mulligan

Overcoming procrastination has been one of my biggest challenges in life. As my tax man entered my name in his log book near the end of last year, he proclaimed that I was number 3,995 for 2008. He told me that I was last on the list.

In college, I often waited until the last minute to start big projects. I remember one of my classmates laughing at me when he asked about a big paper that was due the following day. I told him I was getting ready to pick a topic and get started. He told me I would surely fail the class and walked out of the library. I stayed up all night and felt really good that everything came together. The same person who scoffed at me in the library was stunned when I got an A on my paper.

My worst procrastination moment was also on the last day a term paper was due. Since word processing had not been invented yet, and I was very slow at typing, I asked my mother to type a big paper for me. The only problem was that the paper had not been written yet and it was due the following day. I would write a few pages and then give them to her to type. Everything was going fine until the ribbon broke. The office supply store was closed so she would manually pull the ribbon after typing a few strokes. My mother went to sleep very late and I continued writing through the night. By the time she needed to go to work, the paper was still not done. I wrote the final pages and then drove to her work to have her finish with the typing.

As I reflect on all the times that I have procrastinated in my life, I thank God for inspiring me to make positive changes. This blog is one of the first "assignments" that I do at the beginning of the day. In a way, I am finally learning how to overcome laziness. When God gives you a job to do, He deserves that you give Him your best efforts. I still get a big laugh as I write this blog daily. I can't believe that God called on me, a person with limited typing skills and a great ability to procrastinate, to write daily and that people actually read this stuff. It proves to me that He calls the "Unqualified" and then teaches them to be "Qualified". I also realize that He is calling all of us to do something with the unique gifts He has given us. When we hear His voice, it is best not to answer at the last minute. Answer the call today and witness just how powerful God can work in you.

This thank you to my mother may be a little late, but I want to recognize her for always supporting me. Now that she is retired, she is planning on buying a computer and setting up an email account. She may be the last person in America to own a computer but she is a #1 mom and there will be a special place in Heaven for her. It will be a special joy for me when she is able to read these messages and I know I would not even be here without her love and prayers.


Michael said...

I hope you send her a copy of this blog!

Michael Mulligan said...

She is visiting next month and I will make sure she sees this.