Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Celebrating 1,000 Blog Visitors

Today is an important milestone for this blog and I wish to thank each of you for your support. You are all part of something very special, you are reading a book as it is being written, one day at a time and one page at a time. This is only the beginning of our journey together.

Some of you will cross the finish line ahead of me. The One who gave His life for you will be there to welcome you. This blog is all about the journey. It is about taking one step at a time and keeping our sights on what is ahead for us. It is about helping those who are struggling and encouraging them to keep walking.

If the world were coming to an end, I would prefer to remain at the back of the line to help those who have lost hope. Jesus will leave the other 99 to find the one who is lost. My job is to assist. Many of you reading this blog are part of the 99 who know that your path leads to Jesus. If you encounter the one that feels lost, please share this site and share Jesus. This blog is dedicated to the lost and the fallen. I volunteer to stay at the back of line and extend my hand to you.

If this blog helps just one person to find Jesus, then it is a success. Please come back often and share this site with others. There will be some special guests soon and this blog will continue to evolve. We are only at our first mile on the marathon of life...

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