Tuesday, March 16, 2010

God's Draft Picks

As a grade school kid, I was scrawny and short. When it came time to choose teams at recess, it didn't matter what sport we were playing, I was almost always picked last. I barely broke 5 feet when I entered high school and was thankful to grow ten inches before graduating.

Since the beginning of time, God has chosen His team and developed His players. He drafts His players differently from the way teams are chosen whether on a playground or professional draft. Imagine what young David felt like when he was not even asked to be in the line up with his seven older and stronger brothers. God had announced that a new leader would be chosen from David's family but David was told not to bother to show up on draft day. He was tending sheep when he was called in to be the chosen one.

When God promised Abraham that his descendants would be more numerous than the stars, Abraham had trouble believing this, especially because his wife was at an advanced age. As time passed, Abraham's wife urged him to have a child with someone else to make sure there would be children. Sarah named her son Isaac which means "may God smile" in Hebrew. Sarah actually laughed when she learned she was going to have a child because she felt she was too old to conceive.

God picked Abraham to be the father of His team and He kept that promise even though Abraham did not become a dad until the age of 100. God also promised He would send a Savior to deliver His team. When Jesus came for the "chosen ones", they rejected Him. Thank God for setting up an expansion draft. When the chosen ones rejected Jesus, God opened up the roster to include the whole world.

There is a place on God's team for each and every one of us even if we were not part of the original all stars that God chose ahead of the rest of us. We were picked to be on His team even before we were born. If you don't feel you are worthy to be on the team, be careful. You may end up like young David. God seems to pick unlikely people that are overlooked in this world. Once you are picked, He will shape you for the job He has for you. There are plenty of roster spots open but not enough players. Are you ready to play on God's team?

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