Wednesday, March 31, 2010

God's Promises

There is a saying that the only thing for certain is death and taxes. We are overlooking something, God's promises. We have thousands of years of promises in both the Old and New Testament, yet there is not one example of a broken promise.

God promised Noah that He would send a storm. People laughed at Noah for spending every day of his life building this giant boat. When the storm came, everyone died except for Noah, his family and a bunch of animals.

God promised Abraham he would have a child. This promise took so long to fulfill that even Abraham and Sarah doubted God. It must have been awkward to have a kid at the age of 100 but God kept His promise!

The three most important promises that God made have to do with Jesus. Even though the chosen ones had all kinds of prophecies revealing information about the Savior, they did not recognize Him when He came into to the world to save God's people. The promise of His birth came true.

The second promise was the promise Jesus made when He said He would be back on the third day. Even the Romans were afraid of this and they posted guards to make sure nothing would happen at the grave site. Nothing was going to get in the way of the Resurrection that we will be celebrating all over the world on Easter Sunday.

The third promise was the one Jesus made just before He went to Heaven. He promised the world that we would not be alone while He was away and that He would return for His people. While we are waiting for Jesus to return, we have been given the gift of the Holy Spirit to help us find our place in God's creation.

The Bible is full of promises and not one person in this world has been able to find a promise that has been broken. God has a perfect track record. I trust Jesus 100% when He says He is coming back. I also trust the voice inside of me that encourages me to find my place in the puzzle.

Will you be ready to meet Him when He returns? Today is a great day to start getting ready...

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