Thursday, March 11, 2010


I have found it very difficult to communicate during the time I was living in a cave. Even outside the cave, it can be challenging to talk with certain people. If I am in a room full of people that are rooting for the same team, there are high fives, loud cheers and even a few hugs when our favorite team does something spectacular.

What happens when there are different points of view or misunderstandings? If you find yourself in a cave, not much, only silence. Living in the real world, we are going to have differences of opinion and even confrontation at times.

One of the greatest lessons I have learned in life is to view the world from another person's eyes. There are so many people around me that have come from very different worlds and cultures. I have never lived in a country that tortures people for their beliefs. I have never lost a family member because they told their government they were wrong. I never had to give up everything just to go to a new country where my family could be safe.

If we took the time to listen to other people who are different from us, we could learn so much. The truth is that most of us just want to be free to live without fear. We want to be understood. This can only happen when we choose to come out of our caves and communicate with others. Try listening to the people around you and you will become a strong communicator.

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