Friday, March 5, 2010

Are Flying Saucers Real?

When Jack M. Jones was a young boy, he was fascinated with flying saucers. He is an amateur astronomer who worked as an artist and dreamed about designing real flying saucers. The pictures you see here are from his invention named the Geobat. The military is now interested in turning his childhood dream into a reality and it appears that one day, we may be soaring through the air in flying saucers.

Jack's lack of education or training in this field did not stop him from pursuing his vision. He is teaming up with qualified people who believe in him to change the world. While Jack is working on air travel, another visionary, Grant Ryan, has invented a new way for us to travel by land. His invention is called the YikeBike. It is already on the market and it gives us a glimpse of what we can do when we use our imagination.

Jack and Grant are two inventors who will make our world better. They have been given a gift and they developed it. When we look inside ourselves, what do have to offer the world? We have been created for a purpose, to link together with others and share our talents. Take a look at these two videos of the Geobat and the YikeBike. Then imagine what idea you have that you can contribute to make our world better. If we work together we may end up doing the impossible, even traveling in flying saucers...

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