Sunday, March 4, 2018

Why Letting Go is Your Best Option

I once associated "letting go" with failure.  Maybe that's why I held on so tight in the first and second quarters of my life.  The truth is none of us are in control of our lives.  As soon as we surrender our lives to a higher authority, doors open.  There is a master plan.  To discover it, you must be willing to let go of all the things blocking your view of a better life ahead.

Take a few minutes today and ponder how your life would look if you decided to let go of certain things.  These things may be attitudes, beliefs, people or unattainable goals.  They may be possessions.  If you've never done this before, this will seem scary at first.  Take baby steps.  And if those baby steps lead you in a better direction, let go of the bigger things.  I believe you will never arrive at the place you're supposed to be if you refuse to let go.  Have a great day.

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