Sunday, November 27, 2016

It's Personal

I live in a mental state I call the blue zone of happiness.  It's some sort of invisible bubble no one else can see.  There's a thermostat to control my overall mood.  Although occasional hackers attempt to override the climate control buttons, I've been able to remain happy in all circumstances.

One of my high school classmates posted a FB message yesterday thanking friends and family for caring about him during his time in the hospital while he was undergoing quadruple bypass heart surgery.  I had no clue he was ill.  I also had no clue my blue zone of happiness was on the same collision course as my buddy from Snora's Spanish class at SHS.  Happiness cannot exist when you're six feet under.

I'm happy to share my life here on this blog.  I promise not to intrude on others who may choose to live in the red zone.  For those seeking alternatives, you're welcome to connect with me.  Like many others from the high school class of '78, my hope is that our loved ones can plug into something potentially helpful to themselves.  It's personal.  Have a great day.

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