Wednesday, November 2, 2016

How You Can Win Your War on Debt

If every taxpayer in America were asked to write a check for his or her share of the nearly 19 trillion dollars of debt we owe, nearly 100% of those checks would bounce.  Can you write a check for over $150,000 today?  How about just covering the interest on your portion?  These numbers are worse than what our grandparents faced in the Great Depression.  I believe taking personal responsibility for our own house is the first step.  After all, the leaders we vote for are a reflection of ourselves.  If we want real change, we need to work on how we manage our finances before we can point fingers.

I'm in the third quarter of my life and that half time locker room talk wasn't pretty.  I reviewed all the fumbles, interceptions, missed opportunities and failed game plans and decided what I needed was a new game plan.  I needed to declare war on credit card spending.  Other than my mortgage, I'm finally avoiding getting sacked with interest.  When the defense is on the field, it's all about getting the football back.  Debt is bad.  Very bad.  We are living in a war zone and don't even realize it.

How can you win your war on debt?  Your first step is to declare war.  Stop charging.  Just stop.  Forget about the game clock.  If it's ticking, you still have time.  Take it one day at a time and learn to live on a cash basis.  If every family in America will do this, we can show our leaders a better example of what is needed to tackle our 19 trillion dollar problem.  We can win this war, one household at a time.  Are you in?  Have a great day.

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