Monday, November 7, 2016

Give Your Happiness Muscle a Daily Workout

Happiness is a state of mind.  If you're feeling out of shape, perhaps your happiness muscle needs attention.  It's possible this area of your life needs greater focus because something beyond your control changed.  Look around.  Are there more negative people in your life than usual?  Are the negative political ads getting on your nerves?  Maybe there's a threat of job losses at your work or someone close to you is struggling.  When these situations get you down, it's time to increase your happiness workout.  Your personal well being depends on this.  Here are some fitness suggestions to tone your happiness muscle:
  • Do happy things.  I like to play tennis and swim.  Both activities calm me down.  Make sure happy activities are on your daily to do list.
  • Help others.  There's nothing more gratifying than helping someone who could benefit from your generosity.  Make this a daily habit.
  • Smile.  This requires less effort than frowning and it helps others cheer up.
  • Practice gratitude in all circumstances.  The good things in your life you're naturally thankful for are light workouts.  The heavy lifting comes from the tough situations you're dealing with.  Be especially thankful for these because these are the times you can achieve amazing results.  You need these heavy workouts for a well-toned happiness muscle.
  • Fly with happy birds.  They soar above the crowd because they are constantly flapping their happy wings, even when the weather outside may not be optimal.
Remember, you are the only person responsible for your happiness muscle.  Whatever you do, don't let your happiness muscle atrophy because you stopped appreciating everything you have in your life.  No one can take your happy state of mind away from you.  Do the workouts.  Have a great day.

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