Monday, November 21, 2016

Flintstone Car Choices Provide Financial Independence

Fred Flintstone kept things simple.  Like me, he enjoyed the primitive versions of our modern conveniences without the excessive price tags.  I'm typing today's blog story while sitting in a used recliner I found in the attic of a furniture store when I moved to Iowa.  Mrs. Caveman and I picked up a pair for $75 each.  The couch was barely out of the plastic when someone decided to return it because the color wasn't right.  I about fell over when the salesperson told us he could let it go for $150.  When he saw our teeny tiny Flintstone car he offered to deliver the furniture for free in the company truck.  Four-and-a-half years later we're still enjoying our vintage vehicles and our used furniture.  There's a reason we live this way – financial independence.

Mrs. Caveman is narrowing her choices for a replacement automobile.  The only thing she's firm on is the method of payment.  Her next automobile will be at least 50% depreciated and there won't be any monthly car payments attached to the price tag.  I know one thing for sure – when she's reclining in her car seat she will have a big smile on her face.  Have a great day.

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