Friday, August 12, 2016

Lucidity Returns 96 Hours After Robotic Surgery

There are three things an author needs in order to write books – a compelling story, a support group and lucidity.  My first book, a memoir about my father's return home after a long absence, had all three ingredients although the recipe didn't taste quite right.  The support group, let by two experienced local writers and independent publishers, felt my story was compelling but they weren't sure about my lucidity.  The truth is, they thought my timeline for publishing within seven months was ludicrous.  They knew from experience that stories don't appear out of thin air.  Later they told me they were sure I was crazy but they humored me.  My story launched on time, even if my own lucidity was in the below freezing zone at times during the process.  My support group of 100 Angels in the Outfield made the difference.

"The Caveman in the Mirror" was mostly written in the basement of my new Iowa home, a dwelling place far from the comforts of my Southern California support group.  The story was haunting me from the insides and I published it hoping I could return to a normal life.  The haunting continues.  It's my destiny.  And my lucidity is heating up like an Olympic athlete coming out of retirement in search of another gold medal to add to his collection.  They don't give up no matter their biological age.  They refuse retirement.  Their destiny is the arena.  Fire burns in their eyes.  They inspire others with their determination.  And they don't let anything get in the way, including sports hernias, old age, or negative people who want you to falsely believe your best days are behind you.  I've been patient these last 96 hours, waiting for my body and my mind to come out of the fog after my surgery and now I see it – a compelling story that may influence others to have a better life.  The gestation period is nine months and I'm twelve days into my first trimester.  My lucidity is intact and now I need a support group of believers to help me deliver my next book.  If you're interested in joining me during the publishing process, stay tuned.  You will have a choice of joining my support group publicly or anonymously.  Come back tomorrow for the details.  Have a great day.

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