Sunday, August 21, 2016

Lessons from the Olympic Athletes

(Yasuyoshi Chiba / Getty Images)

Today is the last day of the Olympic Games in Rio.  I'm in awe of what these athletes can do when they commit themselves to be their best.  They share one common bond we can all learn from.  It starts with a dream.  Once that seed germinates inside you and you nurture it with the right coaching, unstoppable determination and relentless practice, you may find yourself at the podium.  This is true in any adventure you pursue with all your heart.

The biggest lesson I learned from observing our athletes is to never give up.  These athletes don't believe in failure.  They believe every defeat is an opportunity to learn and grow.  I'm especially inspired by the older athletes who keep coming back even though the world assumes they are past their prime.  What are your favorite memories from the Olympics?  What lessons will you apply to your life?  Dream big and don't forget to practice.  Have a great day.

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