Friday, August 1, 2014

When Creativity and Discipline Intersect

Creativity without discipline is messy.  And discipline without creativity is boring.  They need each other, just like the white piano keys need the black ones to add meaning to our songs.  Can you imagine your life without any sharps or flats?  So, what happens when you intersect your creativity with discipline?  In my personal life, I get organized chaos.  The structure that comes with discipline allows me to complete my work in an orderly fashion.  I know to go when the light turns green, proceed with caution on the yellow lights, and stop on the red lights.

When you find yourself working out of the right side of your brain, make sure you have some kind of blueprint to follow.  Set time limits for each stage of your project so it gets done.  It's like building a house.  You know what the finished product looks like, you know where to start and you have an orderly way of proceeding through each stage.  How does your intersection look?  Don't stress.  Just add the traffic lights and you'll be okay.

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