Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Only Way I Know to Confront Demons

There is a dark side lurking in my family blood lines.  It has many names.  Alcoholism.  Depression.  Anxiety.  One anonymous family member sought help decades ago.  The therapist pointed out something enlightening.  He talked about our ancestry, namely blue-eyed people of Scandinavian descent.  "Low levels of certain brain chemicals make these people more prone to depression," he said.  He didn't talk about another trait found in my blood lines.  It's pride.  Sadly, anyone who could benefit from outside help would much rather cover up the problem than admit it.

Robin William's departure troubles me.  It hurts that my hero, my favorite actor, ended his life by hanging.  Another hero, Junior Seau, one of San Diego's all-time top inspirational players, killed himself.  These are the people I turned to to help me forget my own worries or struggles.  They made me laugh.  They made me feel good.

There are many weapons to fight demons, whatever name they may go by.  Humor is powerful.  Wearing a mask helps when others bully you or criticize you.  I have used these tools in my own life.  But I have found only one way to confront the demons that works without fail.  Jesus Christ is the solution.  He gave his life for you and for me so that we can have eternal life.  He loves you that much.  He can help you overcome any situation.  Call on him.  He will give you whatever you need to confront your demons.  

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