Sunday, August 10, 2014

A God-incidence Moment From the Mound

This morning I was pondering all the ways God speaks to us.  He is the parent of all parents.  The gap between our understanding of His ways is as vast as the universe.  God inspires us through a variety of literary techniques including the use of metaphors, similes, hyperbole, paradox, personification, parable, imagery, allusion and irony.  I especially appreciate God's sense of timing.  Here is a light bulb moment from last week...

Our youngest son is preparing for one of the biggest exams of his life.  He asked me for help.  I love to teach and I love solving for the unknown.  My tactics are unconventional.  The idea is to find creative ways to inspire others.  In our son's case, he tells me he despises math yet he throws out baseball stats like no other.  The question we were tackling was how to find the volume of a sphere.  The first number in the formula is 4/3.  I asked him, "who do you know that wears 43 on their jersey?"  He fired back, "Darren Sproles."  For you non-football fans, Sproles played for the San Diego Chargers and became a Saint.

"Excellent," I said.  "Every time you need to find the volume of a sphere, you imagine Darren Sproles wearing his number 43 jersey, then throw in a pie (3.14) and a radius cubed.  Just remember to put the 4 over the 3 and you can find the volume of a sphere."

My lesson wasn't over.  At the very moment, Jake Peavy, an ex-Padre now a Giant, was on the mound and my son had the TV game on during our lesson.  My son shouted, "Look at the number on Jake's jersey, dad!  He's wearing number 43!"

Yes, God was using Giants and Saints to help my son move mountains.  His timing, as always, was out of this world and perfect.  I'm expecting my son to return home from his upcoming exam and tell me, "Dad, I walked on water today."  Just remember, any time you want to solve unknown equations, turn to the Master.  You may find your answer staring at you from the pitchers mound wearing a number 43 jersey.  And special thanks to my son who gave me permission to share this story.

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