Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Season Your Persona With Gravitas

Slumped shoulders.  Long-windedness.  Poor eye contact.  Lack of confidence.  These are all related to someone who needs to spice up their persona with gravitas.  The right amount of seasoning produces a strong, confident individual who displays grace under fire without being overbearing.  They know how to win in an interview.  They are masters at persuading their bosses to try their ideas.  They remain cool when the sky is falling.  Most importantly, they know when to shut up and let silence to the talking.  Here are some tips for making your persona sizzle the next time you enter a room:
  1. Pay attention to others who turn heads.  Observe their body language.  Notice the pauses in their voices.  Copy their brevity.  Mimic their eye contact.
  2. Use positive self-talk before you enter a room filled with people.  Tell yourself, "I'm confident.  I have a firm handshake.  I have something to offer the next person I meet.  I'm fun to be around.  I'm a great listener."
  3. Be authentic.  Tell the truth.  Share your passion.  Be present.  Connect with the person in front of you.  Show them with your body language that you care about them.  When the spotlight is on you, make sure you turn it around and shine it on your audience.  Remember to ask questions.
I remember a job interview I had with a high level manager.  When the interview was over, he told another manager it was the best interview he ever conducted.  Even though I was the person being interviewed, I asked questions and learned as much as I could about the manager and about how he led his team.  I kept my answers short and made sure the spotlight was on the person interviewing me.  The three steps I followed above led to a successful outcome and I got the job.

How would you rate your gravitas?  Do you have any ideas to add to the conversation?  Please share in the comments section below.

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