Thursday, July 18, 2013

Find Your Childhood Dreams

Remember what is was like to dream when you were young?  What got in the way?  Was it a loved one who was trying to spare you some heart ache down the road?  Maybe it was someone so afraid of their own dreams that they persuaded you to lock yours up and forget about them.  Guess what!  You're not a kid anymore and those dream robbers are probably long gone now.

Close your eyes for five minutes and go back to the day when your dreams gave you goose bumps.  You were so excited that you couldn't wait to get up in the morning and chase those dreams fluttering around like butterflies.  It's not too late to grab your butterfly net and go outside.

Some of you reading this may be more concerned about the butterflies in your stomach.  They're there for two reasons.  Either you're afraid of what others will say when they see you running around barefoot with a butterfly net or you don't know what to do if you actually catch a butterfly.  Stop worrying and stop thinking.  Just do.  Dream.  Don't you think it's been long enough since you visited those distant dreams from your youth?  They're waiting for you to seek them out.  Go ahead.  Get your butterfly net.  Please send me an email or leave a comment when you catch one and tell me what you're going to do next.

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