Monday, July 8, 2013

Hyper-focus: Gift or Curse?

Hello, my name is Michael, and I just discovered this morning that I have ADHD.  I always thought I knew what attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is all about.  Don't we all have a friend or two who is always late or who appears disorganized?  When I write, I find myself losing all sense of the world around me.  Time stops.  This intense form of mental concentration or visualization that focuses the consciousness on a narrow subject has a label.  It's called hyperfocus.  It's a form of ADHD.  The experts call it a disorder.  For me, I consider it the necessary part of my DNA my Creator endowed me with to complete my purpose in life.  My hyperfocus is a gift.  Like any gift, if it's misused, it can be a curse.  

My discovery this morning was an accident.  Someone close to me shared he was diagnosed with adult ADHD.  When I read about it to gain a better understanding, I came across a paragraph describing the symptoms of hyperfocus -- they fit me like a glove.  The more I understand myself, the better I can use my gifts.  If you, or anyone you know is dealing with ADHD, please be on the lookout for more stories about this topic.  I'm no expert, however, I plan to share more about my personal experiences in future blog stories.  Please answer today's question in the comments section below:  What is your opinion about hyper-focus -- is it a gift or curse?

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