Saturday, July 6, 2013

How To Use Triggers To Inspire Action

You are bombarded with triggers every day that lead you to action.  The best triggers are the ones you aren't aware of because they're practically invisible.  You're probably reading this blog story right now because the headline got your attention and you decided to click on it for more.  Here are five triggers I use to attract readers:
  1. Creative Headlines.  Think of yourself as a fisherman on a big lake with a bunch of other fishermen.  The one catching all the fish is putting creative headlines on his hook before casting his rod.  Take a look at the bait you're using.  If your headlines aren't getting you any nibbles, it's time to change the bait.
  2. Captivating Images.  Like creative headlines, a powerful image attached to your hook will attract more fish.  Remember the last time you visited a shopping mall and you stopped in because you liked what you saw in the storefront window?  Maybe you picked up a book because you were attracted by the image on the front cover.   The fish won't bite if they don't see your bait.  Every story you write needs a powerful image that draws your readers in.
  3. Time Triggers.  This is one of my favorites.  My core readers notice 8:08 on their clocks and they say, "Michael posted another story just now.  I'm going online to read his blog."  My biggest surge of readers is always at 8:08 AM, Pacific Time.  And if I'm late with a story because of a technical glitch, I get an email or a text message asking, "is everything okay?  I didn't see your story this morning."
  4. Supernatural Triggers.  You don't control these, they're gifts.  Every once in a while, I hear Jesus asking me, "did you catch any fish today?"  He is the One who inspired me to fish in the first place and all the fish belong to Him.  When I tell Him it's a slow day on the water, He says, "why not try fishing over there on the other side of the boat?"  For those of you who follow my stories, you know Jesus pointed to a place 1,800 miles to the northeast and said, "try fishing over there."  Many of the fish I reel in say the same thing, "I found you because I was searching for the meaning of 808."  Those bites are the result of Supernatural triggers.  They can't resist Divine bait.  If you want Supernatural triggers, all you have to do is ask and you shall receive.
  5. Creative Follow Buttons.  Does this one get your attention?...
    Click here and see what happens
    If you clicked to see what happens, you pulled the trigger and took action.  The "follow me" image is compliments of Vista Print.  I really like it because it's a simple trigger that helped me get almost 1,000 twitter followers without really trying.
Here's a bonus trigger -- it's how I close my daily stories and it's simple:  Just ask your readers a question.  They can respond by email or they can comment at the end of your story.  Here's mine...  

Did today's story help you understand how to inspire others to take action?  How will you use this information?  Please email me or respond in the comments section below.  And thank you for taking an extra minute to click here and follow me on Twitter.  I promise to return the favor and follow you.  Happy fishing. Hope to see you tomorrow at 8:08.

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