Sunday, July 7, 2013

How To Obliterate An Enemy

Got enemies?  Want them out of your life forever?  Today's story is for you.  These ideas may be unconventional, however, if you're willing to put them in your arsenal, you can say good-bye to your enemies forever.  Here you go:
  1. Understand your enemy.  That bully everyone else fears is a bully for a reason.  Find out why he behaves the way he does and you may be the one who transforms him into a new person.  Maybe he was abused as a child.  Perhaps his learning disability makes school difficult so he lashes out.  He attacks you to feel better about himself.  Allow him to feel better about himself without needing to hurt others.  Take the time to get to know the person hiding inside the bully who needs a friend.  Don't do this in public.  Crowds add to the problem.  Invite the bully to talk in private.
  2. Forgive your enemy.  You are the only person who knows how much power your enemy has over you.  Those sleepless nights.  Those grudges you hold onto with a death grip.  All that anger festering inside you.  Your enemy has no clue how much grief he or she causes you because you won't let go of the hurt.  You won't find a truce until you raise the white flag and say, "I surrender."  You are paying a high price for your pride, your stubbornness and self-righteousness.  You are giving your enemy power over you.  If you really want to obliterate your enemy forever, forgive him or her and the pain will be gone.  You will find peace for the first time in your life.
  3. Love your enemy.  This is not for your enemies' benefit.  This is for your benefit.  Love is the most powerful weapon I know.  If you need some help from above, try praying for your enemy to be abundantly blessed.  The more powerful your adversary is, the more prayers you will need to offer.  This may take years.  Be patient.  Don't give up.  Remember the last words Jesus spoke when His enemies were crucifying him, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they are doing."
My enemies are all gone now.  Obliterated.  I'm living a peaceful life.  No more anger.  No more pain.  No more enemies.  Once in a blue moon, a new opponent wanders into my life.  When this happens, I don't get mad.  I don't allow this invader to get under my skin.  Instead, I load up my canon with understanding, forgiveness and love.  Poof! Those canon balls work every time.  Comments?  Please share your ideas below by clicking the comment button.

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