Wednesday, July 31, 2013

New Habits Start With Baby Steps

Never underestimate the power of a baby step in your life.  One baby step in the right direction can change your life forever.  Consider these ideas to form a new habit:
  1. Decide what you want in life.
  2. Determine which direction you need to go to get there.
  3. Take a baby step.
  4. Repeat #3.
  5. If you fall down, do what babies do naturally and get back up on your feet.
  6. Repeat #3.
  7. After you master the baby steps, start walking.
  8. Run.
  9. Teach others how to form new habits.
  10. Go back to step #1 and repeat the process for every area of your life that could use a new habit.
One word of caution about new habits.  The more you focus your energy on one habit at a time, the better the results.  Please add to the conversation by sharing your own ideas about forming new habits.  If you are willing to try the baby-step method for forming a new habit, what area of your life will you use this for?  Thanks for leaving your comments below.

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