Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What Will Your Legacy Be?

My curiosity for discovering my heritage dates back to the early years of married life.  Over twenty years ago, my father-in-law spent hours driving me around to all the local cemeteries so we could go on a treasure hunt for my wife's ancestors.  Word spread quickly about my jaunts to graveyards and the town thought I was a little off-the-wall.

Two decades later, I'm still tracing our roots.  I have fallen in love with the community I now call home.  It's as if our ancestors summoned us here from their graves.  They left behind a legacy that I will pass on to our children.  That gift is the desire to leave behind a better world for the next generation.  I found much evidence of this when I unearthed some early writings from my ancestors.  They have a gift for storytelling.

I believe my legacy will be the collection of stories I'm penning daily, now read internationally.  Each of us is connected.  I can't wait to share more in my next book, inspired by past generations.  Don't forget to come back on March 17 to read the first chapter of The Caveman in the Mirror.  May it inspire you to ponder what your legacy will be.

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