Friday, March 15, 2013

You Are In Charge Of Your Happy Place

Your happy place is a state of mind others may attempt to break into, like a thief in the night.  Be sure to keep the doors locked.  When misery knocks, don't answer.  Misery loves company.  He will turn your house upside down if you let him in.  Misery may invite you to the pity party.  Beware.  This is a trap.  Happy people have trouble staying happy when misery's friends dominate the conversations.

Here are some tips for guarding your happy place:
  1. Identify all the entry points to your happy place.   Your internet connections are at risk.  The employee break room can be dangerous.  High risk locations include places where negative people congregate.  Stay away.
  2. Your best defense is a smile.  Use it to disarm your attackers.
  3. Seek out positive people.  They will re-energize you if misery ever invades.  They will help you redecorate and restore your happy place to its original condition.
Guard the keys to your happy place with your life.  You are in charge.

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