Saturday, March 23, 2013

Riding the Big Kahuna

Every day in my life, the waves seem to get bigger and bigger.  No, I'm not a surfer.  Yes, I'm a husband, parent, blogger and writer.  There are "waves of opportunity" that seem to approach in sets, just as real ocean waves do.  The challenge is to recognize the opportunity and ride the Big Kahuna without being crushed.

When I start to feel nervous about the tides changing, I think about the One I follow, the One who calms storms and walks on water.  When I think about Jesus, the Big Kahuna seems possible to ride.  I stop worrying about everything else and keep my eyes focused on Him.  Any accomplishment I achieve while riding the waves is credited to Jesus.

What is the Big Kahuna in your life?  Are you ready for it?  Who will you give the credit to when you come ashore after the ride of your life?  Take a look at the YouTube video and see if this is will inspire you to go on the ride of your life, no matter how big the waves...

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