Saturday, March 30, 2013

When You Need a Plan B

Are you one of those people who plans everything, right down to the last detail?  What happens when you have to call an audible because it's your wedding day and it's raining?  Or a blizzard hits on your busiest day ever?  I feel qualified to answer this because I'm blessed with a talent known as "Arranger."  If you happen to be around an arranger personality in the middle of chaos, the arranger is the one who remains calm.  Arrangers can make a plan B on a moment's notice.  Here are some signs you need a plan B in your life:
  1. You work in an environment where change happens daily.
  2. Doing things the same way every day bores you.
  3. Plan A is failing.
  4. You believe there is a better way to do things.
  5. The people around you are on the verge of a breakdown because everything is falling apart.
This gift for devising a plan B really helped me when my family desired to go in a different direction with our lives.  They relied on me to plot a new course.  We set out to sell our California home and relocate to the Midwest.  Our original plan was to drive our moving truck through Utah and Colorado.  Just before we were ready to leave, a major storm got in our way.  I already had a plan B formulating in my mind and we re-routed through Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, avoiding the Winter storm.  I monitored the weather daily and made changes based on the changing weather conditions.  The trip turned out to be even more exciting because we really didn't know what to expect every morning when we woke up.

If you are ready for a plan B in your life, do your best to let go of plan A and don't look back.  Trust that there is a higher authority watching out for you.  If you are too stubborn and hold on to plan A too long, you will be missing an alternative that may be superior.  Let me know how your plan B is working out for you if you are trying something new in your life.   I will do my best to respond to your comments within 24 hours.

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