Monday, September 19, 2011

Tap into Your Quirks

You can spend your whole life trying to follow the world and fit it or you can stop trying to please others and tap into your quirks.  The world needs originality, not a bunch of bland lookalikes.

My dad told me his grade school teachers paddled him for refusing to write with his right hand.  Others around the world are jailed for expressing new ideas that don't conform to those of government leaders.

The gifts you have are like musical instruments.  Why are you trying to learn how to play the piano if the guitar is your thing?  And if your style is country, what's the deal with all that classical sheet music?

I admit that writing a blog every morning when I wake up is a bit quirky.  It also happens to be the musical instrument I was created to play.  My Uncle Tom said, everyone is born with music, but  many never discover what their music might be. There can be no greater tragedy in life than for people to take their music to the grave.

If you are having trouble figuring out how you fit into the orchestra, keep experimenting with all the musical instruments until you find the right one. Once you discover your talent, spend the rest of your life refining it.  No matter what gift you possess, when it is developed properly, it will be music to the world's ears.  I'm happy I finally found my place as I strike the keyboard daily on my own musical instrument, the Macbook Pro.

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